Bringing smart transit to Nairobi. With FlashCast, put your message in front of millions of daily commuters.

  • Engage passengers with interactive 2-way SMS
  • Target messages based on vehicle location and destination

Giving Businesses a Voice

FlashCast operates a network of location-aware, dynamically refreshing text displays installed in public transit vehicles. We leverage this novel technology to offer businesses of all sizes an affordable, powerful, geotargeted channel to capture new business. We enable NGOs, government agencies, and social enterprises to broadcast vital information to a notoriously difficult to reach demographic.

Delivering Content to Everyone

Transit riders are a uniquely diverse and hard to reach audience. FlashCast expands your reach and access.

When It Matters, Where It Matters

Relevance, relevance, relevance. With FlashCast, messages can be geotargeted to the level of a specific community, neighborhood, or street corner.

True Mass Market Media

FlashCast minimizes the cost of broad and impactful voice. Compelling communication is now available to everyone.

Fast-Growing Reach

Grow With Us. Ride With FlashCast.


Passengers Reached As Of 10/31/2016

Announcing Sonar

Up-to-date transit route maps, stage locations, and real-time bus info.

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